Spotlight on: Patterned Lampshades

No time to dig through interior design mags to discover what’s hot and what’s not? No problem – here’s our fast-fire top-three countdown of the trendiest patterned lampshades for 2018 (direct from our industry insiders).

Walk on the Wild Side, with Animal Print

Yup, the hottest high street fashion has transcended into the realm of lighting. Except here there’s no need to stick purely to zebra print, as giraffes, tigers and cheetahs all want in when it comes to your living space.

Shop animal print patterned lampshades

 Go Ultra-on-Trend, with Ultra-Violet

It’s the pantone colour of the year – a deep, dramatic version of violet. Reflecting times of change and a need for innovation, inventiveness and imagination, you can pick a violet shade, or be a little bit more flexible and choose a purple pattern.

Explore purple patterned lampshades

Bring the Outdoors In, with Nature-based Lampshades

Nature, birds and wildlife have been hot property for some time now in the on trend home, and this style direction shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

From leafs to florals, minimalistic bird prints to intricate peacock feathers, this final addition to our countdown is as diverse as it is a breath of fresh air.

Discover the Great Outdoors with Bird and Wildlife Lampshades

With that, our top three countdown is all wrapped up. But if you’re just not feeling the pattered direction for your lighting, you may want to consider a mix and match lampshade – which seems to fit perfectly into any environment – from contemporary, to traditional, a magnolia lounge, or a wallpapered top-to-bottom living room.

Lightbulbs and Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly lighting in the open plan kitchen

The emergence of the open plan layout has transformed the way we live. No longer are our dining, entertaining and cooking spaces separate. Instead, they have merged into one – creating a sociable, family-friendly room that’s perfect for modern life.

But that’s not to say that open plan layouts are free from problems – the main one being the challenge of creating separate zones for each of the roles the room must play – from dining to working and onto relaxing.

Here we explain how eco-friendly lighting can help to create these zones – for optimal open plan living.

The low-energy lighting lie

First things first – let’s dispel a BIG eco-lighting myth. Gone are the days of compromising between bright light and eco-friendly bulbs. Now, drama, focus and bright task lighting are yours for the taking, whilst sapping only the most minimal of electricity (up to 90% less, in fact, when compared to old-school bulbs).

 Choose the right lighting for each space

List all of the roles that your open plan kitchen plays, along with the level of lighting required in that zone. This might include:

  • Cooking – Generally bright, with spot lighting for tasks such as chopping and other food prep.
  • Dining – Reasonable light, with over table lighting to set the scene.
  • Working – A good level of light to avoid eye-strain, for which a desk lamp may be most suitable, so that this relatively small space doesn’t interfere with the atmosphere of the lounge.
  • A snug-like space – A low level of light, given that this area is for relaxation, for which a floor lamp offers the ideal soft-lit solution

Arranging your furniture

Your lighting should work with your furniture by being arranged around the larger of pieces which create separate spaces – such as your sofas creating a squared off space, or a table and benches separating the dining area.

Soft to bright lighting (and back again) – Consider an earth-friendly dimmable solution

As a final versatile solution to the changing roles of your open plan space, consider switching to energy efficient dimmable bulbs– for effortlessly changing up the atmosphere, according to what you’re doing.

All done –your open plan kitchen is now effectively zoned off. The next stop? The Lampshade Co Kitchen lighting collection.




From Zzzz and dreary to totally dreamy: Picking the perfect bedside lighting

Don’t underestimate your bedside lighting – pick well, and your bedside lamps should bring balance and symmetry into your boudoir; and (when done right) can make a stylish focal point of your bed.

But (and here’s the kicker), it’s all too easy to pick from the many unremarkable pairings out there. So here’s how to take your bedside lighting from dull enough to put you to sleep, to designer-style dreamy.

  1. Mix it up – with mismatched shades (for a definitive designer-touch)

Mixing and matching two different lamp looks can make for a striking, stylish lighting solution. Switch up the colour, shade shape or the entire lamp, but remember, keep the general style direction the same. Take our Antique Wood Slat Tripod Lamp, this bedside light would make the perfect team with the Antique Wood Lantern.


  1. Modern or classic? Be led by your bedroom style

Love understated minimalism? Consider bedside lamps with a metal or glass base, teamed with simple block colour lampshades. Or, if you’re an ardent fan of the traditional, explore patterned fabric shades with antique brass or distressed finishes.

bedside lighting 

  1. Late-night book worm and sleeping beauty? Shine your light in the right direction

You’re in the midst of War and Peace, while your partner loves nothing more than 12 hours of solid sleep – each night, every night. For this situation, you need a clever lighting solution – either a directional task light (otherwise known as a desk light) or a swing arm wall light.

But just be sure to get the bulb wattage right – so that it’s soft enough for leaving your partner to slumber, while being bright enough for a spot of reading just before bed.

  1. Be inspired by this season’s hottest colours

Spring/Summer 2018 presents a wealth of eye-popping colours for the on-trend home – take your pick from jewel-toned ocean blue; calming and cool sage; 70’s inspired mustard-yellow marigold; deep and dramatic violet and strong and energised crimson.

Feature walls are SO 2017. The new trend? Feature lampshades!

For too long all the attention has been on the feature wall – a trend that entered our homes in the mid 2000’s, and hasn’t left since. Well, we think it’s high time for a change – and, as you’ll see, the first rule of feature lampshade club, is that there are no rules –  the bolder, the bigger, the better.

 First things first – Be brave with your feature lampshade choices

Feature lampshades are about making a statement – transforming your otherwise unremarkable floor lamp or centre light into a focal point. Go vivid, with loud and proud hues, patterns and prints; think feathers, embellishments, glittering sequins and beautiful florals, birds and block colours. And, if you really want to be bang on trend for 2018, consider going pleated. This blast from the past has had a makeover – no longer a twee, traditional choice, modern pleated lampshades are being seen in the trendiest of homes in all sorts of fun and funky fabrics.feature lampshade

Contemporary or traditional? Be guided by your existing style

Despite feature lampshades having very few rules asides from being eye catching and bold, you still want to make sure that your choice is in keeping with your wider style direction.

For contemporary spaces, look at unusual shapes, block colours and edgy materials. As for traditional homes and commercial premises, the lampshade style of the moment is chandelier in form, with a close runner up being natural print fabrics.

Colour – Think contrast

While you could co-ordinate the colour of your feature lampshade with the room it sits within, the feature lampshade trend is far easier to get right if you pick one with a contrasting colour. So if you have a plum room, pick yellow; a grey backdrop, think red; or a green feature wall, go for violet.

Size (and shape) matters

Finally, consider the proportions of your room. Going too oversized in a relatively compact living room could overpower the space.

When it comes to shape, picking an unusual lampshade can be a statement in itself (think Conch, tiered spheres or angular hexagonal panels.

New Designers Guild Lamp Shade Collection!

Designers Guild Lampshade Collection by The Lampshade Company, Lamp Shade, Lampshade, Ceiling Pendant Shade, Designers Guild Lampshade, Designers Guild Lampshade

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Designers Guild Lampshade Collection!

Established in 1970 Designers Guild focus on creating an enhancing and enriching collection of patterns and fabric. The fabrics range from an Eastern decorative art to Italian classical style, which will please every eye. We would describe our new Designers Guild lamp shade collection as stylish, utterly versatile and modern, it can revamp any residential interior, hotel lobby or a busy café.
These prints have been exquisitely taken directly from the blooming nature surrounding us, echoing with the realism’s classical botanical paintings which not only fit any interior, but will offer both a contemporary and classical touch, blending perfectly with every interior designer’s dreams and aspirations.
It will definitely be hard to decide whether to choose from a saturated and neutral floral pattern, such as the Designers Guild Plum Blossom Linen Lampshade or Designers Guild Corsage Lavender Lampshade, to brighter signature touches which we find with Designers Guild Ghirlanda and Mariedal Peony Lamp shades. Visit our website to view the full collection.


The Lampshade Company Wins Bronze Award!

The Lampshade Company is proud to announce that we won the Bronze Award for Small Business website at the Essex Digital Awards 2017 yesterday evening!

The Lampshade Company, Bronze Award, Essex Digital Awards, Lampshade

The awards evening took place at the prestigious Boreham House in Chelmsford yesterday evening. Despite the down pour of rain and nearly having to paddle a boat down the A12 to attend the evening, it was a fantastic night. This is the 3rd year we have attended the Essex Digital Awards, and we are still proud to have won the Gold award for Small Business website the year before last.


The Lampshade Company, Bronze Award, Essex Digital Awards, Lampshade


I think it’s time to get the drill out to make a hole in the wall to put up another award, what a great way to end the week!

Have a great weekend.

Angela Berry & Team

Good Lighting – Bigger Rooms

Good lighting – Bigger rooms

I am sure that you have been confronted with the dilemma of making that small space, in which you have been forced to cram your life, seem larger. We have been there too. It is really a challenge, but when you have finished your re-decoration, that small crammed, claustrophobic space is going to transform into a cosy, Zen-like retreat.

Lamp Shades, Dining Table Lighting, Ceiling Pendant Shade, Dining Room Lighting, Dining Room Feature Lighting, Dining Room Lamp Shade

This is the most common problem with which homeowners need to deal with. We are designed to think that every little bit of our lives needs to be present and in a small space, everything counts. But we have a very good news! The key to achieve this performance of designing a space in which seems barely big enough to fit all our day-to-day commodities and furniture, to seem large and breathable, is maybe easier than you have imagined.

There is no need for a long chat with an architect or a builder. You just need to trick your eye into believing that your room increasingly feels larger and more spacious. As you might have guessed from the article title, by simply modify and arrange the lighting in your room, you can generate this effect. This which will not only make your room feel bigger, but more inviting, utterly chic and multi-functional at the same time!

It is essential to maximise lighting, either we are talking about daylight and artificial light. This is an underrated aspect of designing a room, which deprives you of that positively affect which light provides.

Daylight – a delight (when available)

Who doesn’t enjoy the brightness of the Sun, warming up the entire room? Allowing natural light into your home is the best decision. It not only connects interior with the outdoors, but it makes it look more inviting and nevertheless, larger. Big, wide and uncovered windows should be on your to do list.

But, if, for privacy reasons, or unpleasable view, you can use sheer, simple window coverings. For example, it’s advisable to use wood or metal patterns, stripes or light colour curtains. Furthermore, you can use small vases with flowers or plants, which are not interfering with the natural light.

Artificial light – your chance to become creative

Daylight is one of the most impressive and effective ways to create a successful illusion of space, but what happens when the Sun sets? What happens when you don’t have enough natural light? For a small room, it’s important to use the correct visual impact and style of the light.

Table Lamps Shades

All the corners of the room should be lit. If they are not, make sure you fix this issue! A single centre of attraction, in this case, a single ceiling light will create a vignette, an unnecessary dark shroud, which creates the feeling of a small room. And this is what we try to avoid. An easy solution is always built-in spotlights in the ceiling, but why limit ourselves? The built-in spotlights are not creating any impact on our design.

Just add a low hanging ceiling pendant shade, which will create a vertical line, because they throw an intense light down, creating the effect of a faded space above. It will make the room both look and feel lighter, airy, unfastened and on top of that, it makes it more styled. These pendant shades come in all styles and sizes, as you can see from our website. This is a simple trick to be used to turn an ordinary room intro a fabulous and extraordinary retreat.

A central point of interest is not the main aim. There should be certainly both a distribution and variation of light sources in the room. Research undertaken on the importance of lighting proved that we perceive a wide range of lights coming from different locations in a non-uniform distribution to be pleasant, as it is similar to the ways in which the Sun rays function. There should be always enough other types of sources, such as lights on the walls, bookshelf, floor and table lamps.

If you want, for example to create a stylish effect, you can play with the dramatic usage of shadows. Focus the lights on walls and ceilings, if they are white or a different pale-light colour. Or, you can definitely focus the light on a certain object, be it a painting, sculpture or a family picture. The walls will look faded; therefore, they create the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

A vast majority of shadows is compressed on bookshelves and shelves in general. If you want to create a futuristic, minimal design, you should try inserting LED strip lights and illuminate the darkness spaces between shelves. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to a traditional and cosy atmosphere, you should use a small table lamp or spot-lights to accentuate the furniture.

If the kitchen is your problem, you can consider it to be solved. Instead of using high-celling pendant light, why not use it just above the table? It creates an Italian restaurant atmosphere with a pinch of that childhood cosiness.

Types of light

Choosing the right light colour of your bulb is more important than you have thought. Bulbs usually create a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere, with that yellowish glow. But, the halogen achieves the performance of brightening up a small space, with a bright white light, but it lacks on creating an atmosphere.

What we advise you to do? Combine all kinds of light! Now, the LED technology offers you a wide range of ambiance lights, from a cold, harsh light to a warm, delightful light.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Angela Berry & Team x

So what do our clients really think about us?

As you know, we’re extremely passionate about making lampshades! But even more importantly what do our customers think about our products and service?

Extra Large Lamp Shade, Extra Large Lampshade, Osborne and Little Lampshade, Osborne and Little Lamp Shade

Here’s what our clients say:

“I found that there was a big gap in the lampshade market just aching to be filled by a company offering a truly personal approach to design, manufacturing and delivery. It’s difficult to find companies who sell lampshades in a large choice of colours, designs and fabrics, finished to a high standard that are of a mid-price range. 

For me, The Lampshade Company encompasses all of these things. After contacting The Lampshade Company I had a great conversation with Angela, the founder, about her expertise and the designs and fabrics which are available. Dealing with Angela direct really gave my experience the personal touch. 

The products which I ordered from The Lampshade Company arrived in excellent condition and much quicker than any other trade company I have ordered from before. My client was 100% happy with the quality and style of the product and I have used The Lampshade Company again and again since then.” 

Furthermore, the Dean & Co Interiors, a family run business offers bespoke handmade curtains and blinds, which are designed to add elegance and character to any room, as they have a wide range of classic and contemporary fabric designs.

This is what they have revealed about us:

“I’ve known Angie for many years, so I was delighted when she Sanderson Dandelion Clocks Lamp Shade, Red Dandelion Clocks Lamp Shade, Lampshade, Lamp Shade, Sanderson Red Lamp Shade, The Lampshade Companycontacted me and arranged to visit and show me the excellent products being created at The Lampshade Company. Upon seeing the product range I knew they would be well received by our customers, and complement the high-end, bespoke curtains and blinds that Dean & Co is renowned for creating. 

The Lampshade Company offers a wonderful range of quality fabrics in many different patterns so our clients enjoy co-ordinated lampshades and curtains, all made to the highest possible standards. I was very impressed with the number of sizes available to choose from, which is very helpful as we work with a range of different sized interiors.

Each and every time I deal with The Lampshade Company team, I find that their knowledge of the products is second to none and they are always pleasant to liaise with. In addition to this, The Lampshade Company is able to deliver products quickly, ensuring that our clients can always enjoy a prompt and professional service.”

And last, but not least, Glasswells, the largest independent department store in East Anglia focuses on supplying your home with only excellent quality products, ranging from furniture to homewares.

Here is what they think about us:

“I first came across The Lampshade Company when I mentioned I was in need of a bespoke service to my Harlequin Fabrics representative. When she recommended The Lampshade Company I knew I had to try their products. The biggest draw for me was the very reasonable price and locality. We always try to support local businesses’ were possible so The Lampshade Company was the Extra Large Lamp Shades, Extra Large Lampshades, Commercial Lamp Shade, Bespoke Commercial Lamp Shade perfect fit for Glasswells. 

Looking on the website, it was very professional and easy to navigate.  I was able to cost eleven oversized shades ranging from 20cm to 100cm in diameter using my own selection of vintage fabric for a display to celebrate Glasswells 70th Anniversary”.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading what our customers think about us! If you’re a current customer please feel free to add your review, it would be great to receive your feedback!

Until next time,

Angela Berry & Team x


A Day To Remember!

It has been there in old and modern times, a bastion of British politics ranking in importance against even the White House, and is seen one of the most important political buildings in the World. Have your guessed where we are…..if you are still undecided, let us give you a hint:

The Lampshade Company Visits Number 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street has been the official residence of British Prime Ministers since 1735. This black door holds some of the country’s deepest secrets, indeed for the last 275 years has witnessed some of the most important decisions affecting Britain and in some cases the world.

On the other hand, behind this door, not only the fate of the country is decided, but countless formal and informal events and receptions are held here in what is seemingly a small terraced (house) building. The guest list is impressive, from Her Majesty The Queen, several presidents of the United States, the Pope, Ghandi and many other influential world leaders including our director Angela Berry.

By now, I suppose you know about #SmallBusinessSaturday UK, but if the answer is no, don’t worry! We are going to remind you. Small Business Saturday UK is a non-commercial, grassroots campaign which aims to promote, highlight, support and encourage small business to thrive in their communities, as they invite people to shop local.

The Lampshade Company is Named One of The Small Business 100 of 2016 as part of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is an excellent organisation to follow if you want to celebrate the fact that over 99% of UK businesses are SME’s or put another way there were 5.4m SME’s in the UK in 2016. These businesses are the life blood of the country offering both outstanding local quality, great service and often a splash of creativity. Small business doesn’t have the marketing budgets and public profiles of large corporates, but they have the passion and dedication of ordinary individuals who dare to dream.

As you have may (or may not) have heard, along with other recognition, we have won the ‘Gold Award for Small Business Website’ and we are proud to be part of the  top 100 Small Businesses of 2016 that have been selected by Small Business Saturday #SmallBiz100.

You may ask yourself now. What is the link between 10 Downing Street and Small Business Saturday? One simple word: a reception! Along with 99 SME companies, The Lampshade Company visited and exhibited in 10 Downing Street. And to top that off, the Small Business Minister Margot James was there! And we have the proof, of course:

Angela Berry Director of the Lampshade Company Visits Number 10 Downing Street and meets Margot James

As her house was the place in which we have celebrated, it was important to know that the Prime Minister, Theresa May was excited about both the achievement and the recognition of the hard work that the small businesses across the country put into their products and services. She stated the importance of small business:

“Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for us to celebrate the success of the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses – from family run restaurants, to innovative tech start-ups, to local corner shops. I’m delighted that we had such a great representation of firms here in Downing Street to mark this event and recognise the prosperity they bring to the UK.”

Angela Berry director of The Lampshade Company outside Number 10 Downing Street

Our director Angela was more than excited to be there (you are going to see that, actually. Stay on the blog for more). But first, here is the ‘official’ declaration of our director, Angela Berry:

“We had an amazing day and we are so delighted to have attended SmallBiz100. It was great meeting other business owners like myself. Gaining a local customer base and receiving support from the community is very important to us and Small Biz 100 is great in showcasing the significance of small businesses within society.”

And here is what you have been waiting for! The pure excitement, emotion and gratitude! We are going to let the video play and say the story on its own. To add to the fun, could you please count how many times Angela say’s number 10?



How to choose the right lighting and highlight features in your home

How can you choose the right lighting for your home?

Beautiful lighting can undoubtedly add the finishing touch to any interior. From kitchens and living rooms to bathrooms and hallways, carefully selected lighting can complement a design and harmonise a room. Creating the mood you desire should be as easy as flicking the switch.

To create the feel you desire in your interior, lighting needs to be thoroughly thought through, putting a lighting plan together before you start to decorate a room will help you to minimise any mistakes. Make a note of the features, artwork and furniture you would like to highlight and plan your lighting accordingly. Dark spaces especially will need extra attention. Always remember to use layers of light at different angles for maximum impact.”

How you can use lighting to highlight features in your interior?

It is amazing how easily you can highlight key features of a room with simple subtle lighting. Use down lights on pieces of furniture, wall art or kitchen islands to put a spotlight on those key features. A simple table lamp with a luxurious lamp shade can be used to highlight a nice coffee or side table.

Up lighting can be used on architectural features within a property. If your ceilings are a feature, then uplights will highlight this whilst bouncing light back around the room to give a subtle soft light. Backlights work well behind items like a coloured glass vase, to give the room a glow of colour.

We hope you’ve found our blog of interest!

Angela Berry & Team! x